Marado Island

September 18, 2013
581 Gapa-ri, Daejeong-eup

Marado is a tiny island shaped like a potato located approximately 11 kilometers away from Daejeong-eup, Moseulpo Harbor. Locals primarily fish for a living. They also rent Minbank or homestay to tourists who want to stay in the island for the night. Since there is no fresh water on the island, people source their water consumption from rain. They also use solar cells for electricity supply.

When Marado’s first residents arrived in the island, they initially depended on the food already available in the area for their daily consumption. However, when food supply started becoming scarce, they decided to burn the mountain and converted it into a field for farming. According to stories, all frogs and snakes died in the fire during the massive burning process. As a result, no frogs and snakes can be found in the island – even until the present.

Marado Island is popular for its sea fishing livelihood. Tourists visiting the island can enjoy a variety of fresh fishes, like yellowtail and damselfish. As such, visitors can expect sumptuous local seafood delicacies. Marado Island is also known for float fishing, mostly done at night. Locals say that it’s a lot easier to catch fishes in the rough seas after a typhoon alert.

The shoreline in the island creates a picturesque view with its rugged cliffs and splendid rock formations. The entire area itself is made of basalt rocks, and caves can be found everywhere. Marado Island is especially famous for its rich variety of marine life, even better than any area in Jeju Island. The most known aquatic species here are sea cucumbers, abalone, sea mustard, sea urchin, Marado coralfish (plentiful during summer and spring) and Hizikia. The Marado seashore is considered as the perfect habitat of numerous marine life – mollusks, shellfish and seaweed are plentiful.

Special Features

1330 Travel Hotline: +82-64-1330
(Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English)

CRUISE SHIP HOTLINE: +82-64-794-6661
DAEJEONG-EUP OFFICE: +82-64-760-4012

Marado Park
Children/Youth: 800 won
Adults: 1,500 won

7 Accommodations – capacity of up to 22 persons
7 Restaurants

How to get there

Passenger Ship
Route: Moseulpo Port – Marado Island
Schedule: 10:00am – 16:00pm (departs every hour)

Route: Marado Island - Moseulpo Port
Schedule: 10:30am – 16:30pm (departs every hour)

Note: Make advance inquiries before visiting. Schedules can change without prior notice.

Cruise Ship
Route: Sanisu-dong Port – Marado Island (vice versa)
Schedule: 10:00am, 11:30am, 13:00pm, 14:30pm

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  1. paddyirishman03/02/2014 at 5:20 pm

    A lovely little island to pass an hour or two. Beware, the last ferry back leaves before 4pm! You’ve got to eat jjajangmyeon there lol